Daniele Bochicchio

Chief Operating Officer, Entrepreneur, and Microsoft Regional Director in Milan, Italy

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As the Chief Operating Officer at iCubed, a leading Microsoft Partner, I lead the business operations and the people experience for our three offices in Italy. I have over 25 years of expertise in software development, cloud computing, and digital learning, and I leverage my skills and knowledge to help our customers build innovative and impactful applications for modern technologies.

I am also a Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP since 2002, and the founder and network manager of ASPItalia.com, the largest Italian dev community with about 70,000 users.

I am passionate about sharing my insights and best practices with the Microsoft ecosystem, and I have published over 30 books and spoken at numerous developer-focused events worldwide.

My mission is to drive the digital transformation and innovation of the Italian market and beyond, and to empower and inspire the next generation of developers and leaders.

I'm an AC Milan fan, and very passionate about design and home automation.